Designed to stop snoring before it starts

  • State of the Art Technology Eliminates Snoring
  • Comfortable to Wear and Adjustable to Fit
  • Extremely Effective and Highly Affordable

Bring back the childlike wonder with you

The sad truth is that snoring keeps your children away from you. Recent reports indicate that children prefer to sleep in a different room than their parents, just to avoid their snoring. In fact, snoring can cause such high degrees of strain, it could even be one of the factors your child becomes indifferent to you. So what exactly do we do? There is a solution to this problem just like with most sleep disorders. Try Nova Sleep, it’ll make your life more enjoyable and reshare bedtime stories with your children again, bring happiness back into their lives!


Thankfully, a new breakthrough device can put an end to snoring forever! It uses intelligent technology to monitor for any indication of snoring – and if it detects any, it emits sensory feedback which stops the snoring dead in its tracks!

You simply put it on like a wristwatch before going to bed. It’s comfortable to wear and non-binding, so it doesn’t interfere with your sleeping positions. It’s so easy to use, and it might even save your marriage!



It monitors the sound of the room while you’re sleeping


Its intelligent biosensor detects if you are snoring


If it discovers any snoring, it sends a tiny electrical feedback impulse to your wrist.


This gentle impulse is enough to make you shift positions - which stops the snoring.

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No more dealing with snoring! Our sleeping connector are specially-designed to not disrupt your sleep, and give you relief from snoring.
The electrical feedback from the Nova Sleep Wristband does not produce a strong enough signal to wake the snorer up. Instead, it sends a gentle electrical signal to the wearer’s wrist to stop the snoring. That said, if the feedback signal feels too strong (or weak) to you, you can set the signal output as high or low as you like it. The Nova Sleep Wristband is fully adjustable to your liking! The Nova Sleep Wristband has given thousands of people a chance for their first good night’s sleep in years! And because both partners can now get a good night’s sleep, they begin to see a huge improvement during their lives – they are more alert, more rested, more focused, and in a better mood.


Breakthrough Device Stops Snoring Immediately!

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